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Best views of the city




One of the hallmarks of Jaén is the many sloping streets. These slopes could possibly be a challenge for visitors. However some of these slopes reward you with perfect views of the city, so it is well worth the effort to go for a stroll. Some of these viewpoints are: 

- Duque Street’s high side (Ctra. Circunvalación (Ringroad) 70, Duque Street)

-Seminario Parks (Eras de Santa Ana Street 2)

- Boulevard Park viewpoint (Paseo de España)

-Cerro de los Lirios  (Cerro de los Lirios Street)

-Cerro de las CanterasParks (Carretera de la Guardia 25)

-St. Catalina’s Cross and Castle  (Saint Catalina's Castle)

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