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What to do

  • Casa Antonio

    Casa Antonio is located in the centre of Jaén and its aim is making their customers happy with the flavors of its cuisine.

  • La Barra

    A tipical tasca, bar that offers its unique drink, Rosini.

  • Dean Plaza Bar

    A tapas bar situated in the city centre, in a popular square where concerts and others spectacles are organized.

  • La Vestida

    A familiar restaurant, the passion with they cook, and the good quality of the products and the main ingredient, the olive oil,

  • Restaurante Yuma's

    The restaurant offers a traditional cuisine mixed with modern flavors

  • Mcdonald's

    Hamburguers, potatoes, menus salads, ice creams, coffe,... 

  • Mangas verdes

    A gastrobar offering a marvellously modern interpretation of classic products and cuisine.

  • El Santo

    A very popular bar located not far from the cathedral. It offers a wide variety of tapas.

  • Casa Rober

    This bar which offers a varied range of tapas, is located near Darymelia Theater.

  • Casa de Córdoba

    This  familiar restaurant offers a varied menu with dishes based on traditional flavors.