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Jaén is the world capital of olive oil. Its municipal area is bordered with thousands of olive trees, and each season they give us the best olive juice, which is the base of the exquisite and healthy Mediterranean Diet. 


Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most nutritious ingredients, we can taste its flavour in most of Jaén’s typical dishes, giving an extra touch of quality to this outstanding cuisine. In the restaurants of Jaén one can enjoy the traditional flavour of the old-style stews, but also the new-creative style cuisine in its modern dishes.

Extra virgin olive oil gives a distinctive taste and a strong aroma to salads and cold soups like gazpacho, pipirrana or roasted pepper salad; they are all delicious cold dishes perfect for the summer time. Jaen’s spinach with asparagus, fried beans, collejas (herbaceous plant) or the asparagus with pine-nuts allow us to experience the flavour and essence of Jaén’s countryside orchards. Other local dishes include garlic chicken or goat, roast lamb, rabbit, pickled partridge, cured loin, a casserole of beans, aubergines and rice in broth.

There are a great variety of dishes in our cuisine, an authentic delight for lovers of good food. More popular dishes are flamenquines, fried aubergines, cod with onions, sautéed mushrooms, migas (breadcrumbs), meatballs, roasted pumpkins, andrajos and a chickpea stew (cocido). Some of those dishes are accompanied by the typical, “patatas a lo pobre,” which are potatoes usually cooked with eggs and fried peppers.

After lunch or dinner one can enjoy exquisite desserts, for instance, rice pudding, sweet oatmeal porridge, fried milk and delicious nun’s pastries hand made in the convent of Santa Clara, Bernardas or Carmelitas.

Crisps made with olive oil (“Casa Paco”, “Santo Reino” or “Oya” are the most important local brands), beer elaborated in the traditional manner and the aniseed liqueur, “Castillo de Jaén,” are examples of some of the most typical, high quality, gastronomic products of Jaén.


Tapas play a huge part in Jaén and provincial people’s lifestyle. Going out to eat tapas is a deeply rooted habit amongst the inhabitants of the city; this tradition has been improving and has gained prestige in recent years. Tapas, a miniature version of the many delicious and varied dishes that can be found in Jaén’s gastronomy, can be tasted for free in the bars and restaurants of the city. One can enjoy tapas in all of the eating and drinking establishments around the city, but we can find three important tapas areas: one is located around the Cathedral, where we can find the tascas (typical bars) of the Consuelo’s arch street; the second area is that of San Ildefonso square and the third is in Posito and Constitution square. 

Each year one can enjoy a new edition of “The Tapas route,” in which some bars offer their own typical tapas. you can find a list of Jaen’s restaurants and bars.