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Jaen, download here the tourist brochures and schedules

Santa Catalina's Castle

Santa Catalina Castle. Access to see the brochure.

Jaén's Cathedral

Jaén's Cathedral. Click here to see the informative brochure

Discovering the Jewish Quarter of Jaen

There is mystery, legend and living memory in Jaén. There the Jews lived f ...

ECA Guide

ECA Guide. Click here to see the informative brochure Also available in e ...


Jaén, world capital of OLIVE OIL.

The city invites visitors to enjoy the many sloping streets and discover the great history  of Jaén through the charming monuments found in every corner.

Here, you can find a map of the streets of the city:  link.

You can download the following documents  below:

-Brochure "Jaen World Capital of Olive Oil"

-A tourist brochure of the city, the same you can find at the Tourism Office.

-Schedules of the monuments of the city, identical to the one that we will provide you at the Tourist Office

-Route through the Jewish Quarter of Jaén (courtesy of the Touristic Association Iuventa)


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