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Jaén's legends


Learn about the legends of Jaén

Legends of the city

The ancient history of Jaén intermingles with lots of legends that took place in the streets, monuments and squares of the city. Many of the main characters were inhabitants of Jaén. Some of these well-known legends are: “The Grandfather”, “The Castle’s Cross”, “Magdalena’s Lizard” and “The Holy Face”. We encourage you to learn about them in a guided tour of the city or by reading some books about the topic. It is also easy to find information on internet:

Magdalena's Lizard Legend

Legend of Jaén´s Holy Face

Saint Catalina of Alexandria and Jaén's Conquest

Santa Catalina's Cross

Caño Quebrado's Fountain legend

The legend of our father Jesus of Nazareth

The Legend of father Canillas

The Legend of the Pósito's Cross

Palace of the Velez family legend

(Source: Iuventa Cultural Association)

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