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Puntos de interés

Grazie mile

Italian restaurant situated in the modern part of the city, at the Bulevar area, next to the big nearby park .


El Hortelano

This bar located in the central S. Ildefonso neighborhood, it serves many meat and fish options.

Taberna Sanatorio

A classical bar offering Mediterranean sharing plates, and seasonal tapas,  with a friendly atmosphere in Saint Ildefonso neighborhood.

Bar C. C. Arab Baths

A new bar situated on the top of Palacio de Villardompardo, it serves tapas and dishes to share inside as well as at the terrace from where you wil

Figaro Bar

Fígaro is a very popular tapas bar in the city centre situated in the Posito Square.

Cantina de piedra

Tapas bar close to the cathedral where you can taste a varied offering of tapas.

El loco

A restaurant specialises in classic  warm, informal and extraordinarily good  food.