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Puntos de interés

Taberna Sanatorio

A classical bar offering Mediterranean sharing plates, and seasonal tapas,  with a friendly atmosphere in Saint Ildefonso neighborhood.

Figaro Bar

Fígaro is a very popular tapas bar in the city centre situated in the Posito Square.

El loco

A restaurant specialises in classic  warm, informal and extraordinarily good  food.

La Charca

A tapas bar serving a wide variety of offerings, they serve them inside as well as at the terrace.

Baga Gastrobar Michelin Star

The first Michelin Star for the city of Jaén located in a very popular neighborhood, Saint Ildefonso.

Dama Juana Michelin Star

Dama Juana is the second Michelin Star for Jaén, located in Saint Ildefonso neghborhood.

El Santo

A very popular bar located not far from the cathedral. It offers a wide variety of tapas.