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Puntos de interés

Restaurante Sur

The restaurant offers a traditional home made cuisine. 

Restaurante Yuma's

The restaurant offers a traditional cuisine mixed with modern flavors

Restaurante El Balcón

This restaurant located outside the city.

Restaurante El Portazgo

This Restaurant is specialized in grilled meat and fish, in a familiar atmosphere. 

Restaurante El Mirador

A grill restaurant which offers Jaén typical dishes as Pipirrana, all elaborated with the exquisite extra virgin olive oil from

Jardines de Jabalcuz

The restaurant is situated in an wonderful area outside the city, in the gardens of Jabalcuz, a protected area where there used to be a health reso

Restaurante la Casería de Piedra

The restaurant has a phantastic panorama, where they offer traditional food such as pipirrana, little goat, fried rabbit, togeth