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Magdalena Parish Church


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Phone number: 
953 19 00 31
Magdalena Square, 23004 Jaén


It was the original Aljama Mosque of the city during the Islamic occupation and it became a catholic church after the Christian Conquest. The interior and main façade are in Gothic style. One of the towers still has remains of the ancient Islamic minaret. The church preserves some pieces of artistic interest, as the Jacobo Florentino’s Calvary, “El Indaco”, a tableau of Our Lady of the Pilar by Pedro Machuca; a sculpture of Our Christ of the Clemency by Salvador Cuellar from the 16th century and the sculpture of the Magdalena in the 18th century by Mateo de Medina. The courtyard of the old mosque that has a rectangular pond used for ablutions had plenty public uses and in the 20th century it was decorated with a small garden and goldfishes. It has recently been restored.

Free entrance.

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