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Take a walk through our parks



Take a walk through
our parks

Five parks
to enjoy
in springtime

Spring starts in March, a month that invites us to walk around the streets of the city. In Jaén you can enjoy idyllic places to get lost in. In Jaén we can find a different park for every different occasion of your life: romantic, peaceful, familiar, bustling, old, for children, natural parks … Discover the essence of our parks in this article. 
It is one of the largest parks in the city. It gets its name because it houses a little religious seminar. We can find beautiful gardens to explore through its paths and stairs. Around the park, on a slope, we can see a group of pathways leading to open areas with benches to enjoy the views of a skyline of white houses and baroque belfries. It also has fronton facilities and a children’s playground. 
It is a little park, very popular in the city and it has Renaissance origins. It is located next to the Bernardas Monastery, which is in front of the bullring, and it houses an auditorium. It has beautiful evergreen and deciduous gardens surrounded by benches and in summer it is usual to see children riding bicycles. From this point of the city we have great views of Jaén: we can see it as a charming city, with a big castle, a beautiful cathedral and a white country-house located in the slopes. We can admire the views of the Sierra of Jabalcuz and Peñas de Castro Hills in the distance.
Better known as Gran Bulevar, it is one of the newest parks of the city. The park has large garden areas decorated with wooden cows and horses. One can relax watching the water gushing from the numerous fountains. It’s an exciting, lively park that represents the modern side of the city.
Located in the city centre, its landscaping system is very similar to that of Alameda’s Park. In this park we can have a good time in the children´s playground area, at the pond, at the big fountain or sitting on a bench admiring the beautiful gardens. Concordia’s Park is the green lung of the centre of the city; it extends to Avenida de Madrid Street, which is one of the most important traffic arteries of Jaén. At Christmas, one can enjoy the craft fairs that take place in the park. 
This park is very similar to that of Andrés de Vandelvira, and it also has wooden cows and horses decorating the gardens. Since its opening, this park has been the favourite park of the children of the city. It has a friendly, family atmosphere, and children love to spend Saturday or Sunday evenings playing in the park.