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What to do

  • La Charca

    A tapas bar serving a wide variety of offerings, they serve them inside as well as at the terrace.

  • Los Barriles

    A tapas bar situated near the cathedral.

  • Casa Antonio

    Casa Antonio is located in the centre of Jaén and its aim is making their customers happy with the flavors of its cuisine.

  • La Manchega

    La Manchega is one of the oldest bars in Jaén, together with El Gorrión, located in the very narrow streets of the old town.

  • Restaurante Gula


    A tapas bar close to Jaén Museum, it has a great atmosphere inside as well as in its terrace.

  • Restaurante Sur

    The restaurant offers a traditional home made cuisine. 

  • Restaurante Panorámico de Jaén, Hotel HO Ciudad de Jaén

     HO Ciudad de Jaén Panoramic Restaurant, a destination with fantastic views, to go to for delicious food and a frendly atmospher at lunch and dinne

  • Montana

    A traditional tapas was, don't leave without asking its churros!

  • Casa de Córdoba

    This  familiar restaurant offers a varied menu with dishes based on traditional flavors.

  • Goiko Grill

    A restaurant specialised in grilled meat and fish served in a modern, young manner.