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What to do

  • Restaurante El Balcón

    This restaurant located outside the city.

  • Pizzería da Ernesto

    Ernesto Restaurant has a long experience and is specialised in  Italian pizzas and pasta.

  • El Santo

    A very popular bar located not far from the cathedral. It offers a wide variety of tapas.

  • El Biscuter Bar

    A central bar located quite close to the cathedral.

  • La Marisquería

    A restaurant specialised in seafood and fresh fish, in any case, there are wonderful fish and meat options.


    It offers pizzas, sandwiches and drinks

  • Dover II

    This traditional bar offers homemade cuisine and its quality menus are very popular in the city.

  • Restaurante El Portazgo

    This Restaurant is specialized in grilled meat and fish, in a familiar atmosphere. 

  • Blanco y Negro

    Blanco y Negro Restaurant is set in the heart of the most popular bars and restaurant area.

  • Eingelberg

    A tapas bar located near the cathedral it serves its popular tapas inside as well as at the terrace.