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What to do

  • Restaurante La Vega de la Reina

    The restaurant offers the very best of each season with local fresh products in its cuisine.

  • Pizzería da Ernesto ( La Loma Commercial Centre)

    Da Ernesto restaurat, the place to taste pizzas an pasta if you are at commercial centre or go to the cinema.

  • El Hortelano

    This bar located in the central S. Ildefonso neighborhood, it serves many meat and fish options.

  • Ambigú

    A tapas bar located in the moder area of Jaén, near the Bulevar big park.

  • Alambique

    A familiar restaurant, specialised in mediterranean and Jaén cuisine.

  • Peña Flamenca

    A  restaurant that offers a varied traditional, homemade and andalusian cuisine in a room decorated in flamenco style.

  • Taberna Alcocer

    A little bar very popular amongst people from Jaén, a place to taste the local flavors.

  • Cafetería-Restaurante "La Terraza". Hotel Condestable Iranzo...

    The modern terrace of this central hotel is very popular amongst people from Jaén.

  • La Tagliatella

    An Italian restaurant where you can taste the varied and rich gastronomy of Italia: tradition and the best ingredients.

  • Makitake

    Makitake specialises in Japanese cuisine. Taste it inside the restaurant or you can get it delivered at home.