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What to do

  • Espadaña Centro

    A restaurant situated in an old house near the cathedral, it offers a varied range of tipical tapas and dishes

  • Horno del Salvador

    A quality grill restaurant situated in a house on the hill of Santa Catalina, on the way to the Castle.

  • Stadium

    The bar is located in a popular square specially in summer time, which offers traditional cuisine.


  • Daoiz Café Bar

    A tapas bar in a familiar atmosphere. Enjoy the tradional and homemade cuisine.





  • Iron Wok

    Chinese restaurant and meat and fish grill. 

  • Aldo

    Aldo Restaurant is a long tradition italian restaurant, with a friendly atmosphere while having a great lunch or dinner.

  • El loco

    A restaurant specialises in classic  warm, informal and extraordinarily good  food.

  • Cruz Chica

    This tapas bar is very well located next to the cathedral. You can ask for its daily menus.

  • Burguer King

    Situated near the Iberian Museum and the railwaystation.

  • El Gambero


    A restaurant in the central Paseo de la Estación, a place to taste local tapas and sea food.