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What to do

  • Asador de Camilo

    A restaurant situated on the West side of the city, 10 minutes away from the very centre.It offers a wide offer of traditional cuisine and grill.

  • Foster Hollywood

    A restaurant where you can taste the Northamerican cuisine.

  • Jardines de Jabalcuz

    The restaurant is situated in an wonderful area outside the city, in the gardens of Jabalcuz, a protected area where there used to be a health reso

  • Restaurante Villatorres

    The Knightsbridge restaurant offers an Italian and a Japanese menu Villatorres restaurant offers a wide range of dishes within the daily menus.

  • Raices

    A vegan restaurant offering  a very healthy cuisine based on seasonal products, it is located in the city centre.

  • Yakiberico

    The  bar acknowledges the roots in authentic Japanese cuisine mixted with Spanish products and cuisine.

  • Taberna El Bocao

    Situated in the traditional quarter of S. Ildefonso, it offers a familiar atmosphere and high quality in its dishes.

  • Cipri

    Its menu offers some of the most tipical dishes of the local traditional cuisine.

  • Tasca Los Amigos

    The Tasca Los Amigos is one of the oldest and most typical bars in Jaén, situated in the heart of the old town.

  • El Halago del Pilar

    A restaurant situated in a cosy square and terrace, ideal for summer time. It offers a a traditional, homemade cuisine.