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What to do

  • Quintana

    A very popular tapas bar, located in different parts of the city: near the cathedral, in the city centre and in the new bulevar neighborhood.

  • La Charca

    A tapas bar serving a wide variety of offerings, they serve them inside as well as at the terrace.

  • Espadaña Centro

    A bar tapas bar located in an old house with different atmospheres, a place to enjoy the traditional tapas of Jaén.

  • Pato Rojo

     A popular restaurant if you want to taste sea food and fresh fish specialities near the cathedral.



  • El Pósito

    A tapas bar located in a very popular square, with great atmosphere.

  • Blanco y negro

    The bar is located near the railway station, it has a wide room and terrace to enjoy it varied offer of tapas.

  • Telepizza

  • Mesón Séneca

    The speciality of this bar are its andalusian exquisite tapas.

  • Complejo Juleca

    Restaurante Juleca, offers a marvellously modern  interpretation of traditional mediterranean cuisine together with a contempora

  • Barbazul

    A tapas bar situated in a very cosy square near the cathedral, with a great atmosphere.