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What to do

  • Dixtinto

    This restaurant specialises in rice, they have a wide variety of dishes and they have given it the deference it deserves.

  • Ambigú

    A tapas bar located in the moder area of Jaén, near the Bulevar big park.

  • Alambique

    A familiar restaurant, specialised in mediterranean and Jaén cuisine.

  • El Pósito

    A tapas bar located in a very popular square, with great atmosphere.

  • Mesón Club Los Monteros

    A traditional and homemade cuisine bar. Exquisite tapas close to the biggest convent in the Jaén, las Bernardas.

  • Restaurante Kasler

    Kasler  restaurant  specialized in German cuisine and creative cuisine.

  • Hacienda Los Caballos

    This restaurant offers an exquisite cuisine elebaorated with local products.

  • Grazie mile

    Italian restaurant situated at the back of the cathedral and in the modern part of the city, at the Bulevar area, next to the big nearby park .

  • Casa Amate

    Its cuisine is based in tradition and innovation, is located  clo

  • Antaño

    This restaurant has a menu based on traditional cuisine. Outstanding are its seasonal products.