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What to do

  • Dean Plaza Bar

    A tapas bar situated in the city centre, in a popular square where concerts and others spectacles are organized.

  • Restaurante Estación

    The restaurant offers the typical Jaen and Spanish cuisine.

  • Luque

    The restaurant serves traditional cuisine, and fresh fish and sea food.

  • La Maestra

    A tapas bar specialises in quality cold meat, located very close to the cathedral.

  • Mesón Séneca

    A classical bar in the city. It offers luch and dinners tapas and dishes to share with a friendly atmosphere.

  • 4 Esquinas Taberna

    A good tipcial spanish atmosphere where you should not  miss the traditional migas.

  • El Gambero


    A restaurant in the central Paseo de la Estación, a place to taste local tapas and sea food.

  • El Mercado

    A re

  • Foster Hollywood

    A restaurant where you can taste the Northamerican cuisine.

  • Atracón

    The restaurant serves a varied range of dishes of the region.