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What to do

  • Tierra y Mar

    A central restaurant located in a pedestrian street next to other restaurants.

  • El Capricho de Ortega

    A tapas bar located next to the big bulevar park.

  • Restaurante El Portazgo

    This Restaurant is specialized in grilled meat and fish, in a familiar atmosphere. 

  • Teppanyaki

    A big Chinese restaurant which offers lunch, dinner, many options menus daily and big rooms for celebrations.

  • Pilar del Arrabalejo

    This traditional restaurant offers heritage-inspired cuisine of the most appetising kind.

  • Gluten free bars and restaurants

    This is a list of bar for coeliac people:

    D’CAÑAS.  17, Cerón street.  Telephone: 616 10 83 59

  • Casería de las Palmeras

    An imaginative, creative and innovative cuisine, specialised in andalusian cuisine.

  • La Manchega

    La Manchega is one of the oldest bars in Jaén, together with El Gorrión, located in the very narrow streets of the old town.

  • Taberna Volapié

    A very popular bar centricaly situated in Constitución Square.


  • Restaurante Renfe

    The restaurant offers the typical Jaen and Spanish cuisine.