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A city without TIME is sometimes marked by a golden INSTANT. It is not a CONTINUITY but an absolute necessity to order it, to order its MOMENTS in order to understand it.

CON TEMPO, CONTEMPORARY, WITH TIMES. A city apparently UNBALANCED when we take as a reference the various RHYTHMS of the world. Perhaps it will NEVER realize that by itself, it marks its PRESENTS in the contemporaneity that defines its divergence from the compared SPEEDS. As Lorca says “Jaén es “...

In the 80s of the last century, a golden age in contemporary Spanish art permeated this city. The Andalusian Municipal Contemporary Art Fund was created by the first democratic municipality. At that time Manuel Angeles Ortiz returns to his hometown, Jaén. The city at that moment joined the national tributes to Picasso with its exhibitions. Thanks to a popular subscription, the citizens wanted one of the master Picasso's works to remain forever in Jaen.

Baños del Naranjo is a place crossed by the TIME, which has inaugurated its contemporary art exhibition hall with works from the Andalusian municipal contemporary Art Fund, which have NEVER been exhibited before. Famous artists of that period connected again with the city. It is perhaps NOW, in this exhibition hall, that it makes sense to appreciate them, CON TEMPO.

Opening times:

Thursday to Sunday: 11.00-14.00 hours and Saturday: 17.00-19.00 hours

Address: Caños Square