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Moneo Building, Old Bank of Spain


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Phone number: 
953 21 91 16
Paseo de la Estación 57


The prestigious architect Rafael Moneo, who was awarded with the Prince of Asturias award for the Arts 2012, designed the cubic building with pink, thick walls that housed the Spanish Bank from 1988 to 2004. It represents a sequence of steel and concrete structures inside one another. It is an impregnable building with thick walls that conveys a sense of strength and safety. The outer façade is covered with pink granite except the front of the building, which is covered in grey granite with the engraving: “Bank of Spain”. The interior is covered with wood and has a careful design from the stairs to the doors. It also has a walled garden. The building is located in the Northern area of Jaén, close to the railway station.

Opening hours from May 14th 2020:

Acces from the loading door.

Monday-Friday: 10.00-13.00 and 18.00-21.00

Coronavirus Protol:

Maximun capacity 15 people.

Groups maximum 10 people.

Groups visits will be made by prior reservation by phone 666 65 47 46

Obligatory use of mask

Please do nto touch the works and keep the safety distance of 1 mt towards them

Please, respect these indications and those of the staff