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Monastery of Santa Clara


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Phone number: 
953 19 09 57
Santa Clara Street, 7, 23004 Jaén


It is the oldest monastic foundation of the city. It was founded by King Fernando III “The Saint” after the Christian Conquest in 1246. It was initially located at the southern area, lying outside the walls of the city, in the “Nun’s Arrabal”. At the end of the 14th Century, it was attacked by the Nasrid troops of Granada. Thus, the convent was moved to the walled area of the city, where there were large orchards and a synagogue. Nowadays, the Monastery remains in the same place, in Santa Cruz quarter, in the heart of the centre of the city. 

The convent has a rectangular single nave temple covered with a Mudejar coffered ceiling, in which we can see a sculpture of the Christ of Bamboo, a master piece dating back to the 16th century. This sculpture is venerated by the Brotherhood of the "Santisimo Cristo de la Misericordia" and "Nuestar Señora de las Lagrimas" known as the Students’ Virgin. 

The convent has a beautiful Renaissance Courtyard of the 16th century. It also has two galleries of arches and Tuscan columns

The nuns of the convent produce exquisite pastries that you can buy all-year round

Free entrance to see the courtyard. Opining hours for this convent and other monuments:

Mass services times: