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Magdalena's Spring


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Phone number: 
953 19 04 55
Magdalena Square, 23004 Jaén


Magdalena’s Fountain and its water systems called: “Raudal de la Magdalena” are hallmarks of the city of Jaén. Being a Roman fountain devoted to the nymphs, it was enlarged during the centuries together with the development of the city. The fountain supplied water to the city, Roman Baths, mosques, Arab Baths, as well as ornamental fountains and the palaces of the important families. This fountain finally joined with the water system of Santa Maria Palace, the current Culture Palace, which was the residence of the Constable Miguel Lucas de Iranzo.

The water system of La Magdalena also supplied the watermills, tanneries and blast furnaces of Jaén and even Castile. The overflowing waters of the Magdalena or San Pedro streams were used to irrigate the orchards and meadows located outside the city walls. It was also the main source of drinking water for the city. In 1848, the big arch that decorates the fountain was built. 

The water spring is the setting of the most important legend of Jaen “The Magdalena Lizard” because the spring was the lizard´s hideout. Close to the fountain, there is a sculpture of the lizard in a small pond with a memorial plaque to commemorate the legend. 

Free visit, outdoors only

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