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Bernardas' Convent


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Phone number: 
953 24 38 54
Bernardas Street, 23001Jaén
Opening hours: 
Mass L-S: 19.00. D: 11.30. Visit and traditional pastries sale, daily: 9.00 to 13:00 and 17:00 to 18.30


The Convent of the Franciscan Conception was founded in the 16th century by the auxiliary bishop of Toledo, Melchor de Soria y Vera. It is know as Bernardas’s Convent because it was under the protection of the Cardinal Bernardo of Sandoval. The nuns of the convent are known in the city as Bernardo’s nuns.

To build the convent it was necessary to demolish an important segment of the city walls, which were located in San Ildefonso’s Arrabal. Only Puerta del Angel, that rests on the stone wall of Bernarda’s convent, remains today.

It is interesting to admire the main façade, by Juan de Aranda, who was the architect of the Cathedral, built between 1628 and 1642. The cloistered courtyard and the church lodge an important collection of paintings and altarpieces by Angelo Nardi.

The community produces exquisite pastries such as “pestiños”, wine bread rolls, typical Christmas sweets, “empanadillas”, almond shells, “empedradillos”,”tocinillos de cielo”, “cocadas”, ... 

Free entrance to see the church and courtyard. 

Opening times for this monument and others:

Mass services times:

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