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Puntos de interés

Aove Suite

This apartment is located in the city center, near the Museum of Jaen and Iberian Museum. It has 3 double bedrooms and a capacity for 6 people.

Estudio catedral

An apartment located in the old part of the city, very closed to the cathedral.


A tourist apartment in the center of the city near the cathedral. It has a capacity for 2 people.

Triplex centro histórico 2

A tourist apartment located in the heart of the old town, it has a capacity for 6 people.


This tourist apartment has a capacity for 4 people.




This apartment  is located in the popular quarter of Saint Ildefonso, in the city centre. It has a capacity for 2 people.

Casería Buenos aires tourist house

A very nice country house very close to town. It has swimminig pool and a capacity for 10 people.