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What to do

  • Mesón los Monterillos


    The restaurant offers a great variety of local products elaborated with the excellent olive oil from Jaén.


  • Nueva Frontera

    La Frontera is located on the high way to Granada. It offers daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

  • Navas 13

    A modern bar open all day to serve its best tapas and  Jaén cuisine.

  • Eingelberg

    A tapas bar located near the cathedral it serves its popular tapas inside as well as at the terrace.

  • El Biscuter Bar

    A central bar located quite close to the cathedral.

  • Casa Herminia (Ifeja)

    Fusion of tradition and avant-garde.

  • La Espuela

  • Mesón Club Los Monteros

    A traditional and homemade cuisine bar. Exquisite tapas close to the biggest convent in the Jaén, las Bernardas.

  • Restaurante Discovery

    The restaurant, located near the railwaystation, offers a creative, traditional cuisine.



  • Restaurante El Balcón

    This restaurant located outside the city.